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A man who calls himself "Pro-life Spider-man" is currently climbing a tower in Phoenix, trying to "convince" a young disabled woman to not go through with a scheduled abortion. Loose Fit 🤔

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u/DoctorJiggleWiggles Feb 07 '23 Take My Energy

And somehow I'm still not convinced to visit that website


u/Nerdlinger-Thrillho Feb 07 '23

I’m pretty sure this guy has a better chance getting people to visit morbidreality.


u/_Diskreet_ Feb 07 '23

One day he’ll be climbing and a liveleak logo will appear above his head.


u/white__cyclosa Feb 08 '23

Ah LiveLeak, those were the days…because 15 year old me definitely needed to see Al Zarqawi cut that guy’s head off.



u/Raincoats_George Feb 08 '23

Don't worry. Those of us who went through it before you did the same thing but with rotten.com.

Yep 11 year old me definitely needed to see what the inside of a Israeli soldiers Cranial vault looks like after an explosion.

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u/Kalkilkfed Feb 08 '23

He became the very thing he swore to destroy.

A late term abortion.

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u/sanholt Feb 07 '23 Table Slap

What if he falls and dies? That’s not doing much for pro life


u/anthrolooker Feb 07 '23

Sort of cancels itself out, I suppose?

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u/Frito-Paw Feb 07 '23

Not even for a chance to pray with Pro Life Wolverine?!


u/Dreadlaak Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 08 '23

Ok I understand "Pro-Life Spiderman", he's a pro-life activist who climbs tall buildings for notoriety/attention. Pretty straightforward, Spiderman climbs buildings so his nickname explains itself. WTF does "Pro-Life Wolverine" do? All of the activities I can think of that are Wolverine related are not good, wholesome "Christian Fundraising Activities".

Unless he dresses up as Wolverine and also climbs buildings for some reason... Or maybe he just poses for pictures down on the street Hollywood Blvd/Las Vegas Strip style? But why would that be noteworthy?


u/McBleezy8 Feb 08 '23

Pro-life Wolverine does (not) use his claws to perform back-alley abortion


u/wilbyr Feb 08 '23

then i guess im pro life wolverine cuz I don't do that all the time

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u/Frito-Paw Feb 07 '23

Lmao this was my exact thought. Is he just a guy that kinda looks like Hugh Jackman?


u/ShitTalkingAlt980 Feb 08 '23

I must know more about this weirdo. Does he sniff out pregnancies? Does he regenerate? Does he have chops? What are his opinions on Metallurgy?


u/suitology Feb 08 '23

No he stabs health clinic workers.

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u/tvjones Feb 07 '23

That sounds like my actual hell.

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u/WittsandGrit Feb 07 '23

I doubt the donations will even cover his bail


u/silver-orange Feb 08 '23

he's already been arrested several times for these stunts



u/NerozumimZivot Feb 08 '23

do you think he's like the "earth is flat" rocketeer?

a man with a rocketry hobby convinced dupes to fund his hobby under the pretext he was going to prove the earth is flat. he wasn't himself a flat earther.

this could be just a guy who likes doing parkour stunts on buildings who doesn't want to pay his own legal fees.

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u/soulstink Feb 08 '23

"Name's spiderman, I agree with life and I climb abortions"

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u/reddertuzer Feb 08 '23

You seriously underestimate the amount of money these grifters make.

Somewhere in the country there is an old pensioner using half of their social security income to donate to these people. And there's thousands of them.

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u/BickNlinko Feb 07 '23

I like how he's all about "let them live" while taking up the time of emergency services/first responders who could actually save a life if they weren't busy dealing with his fucking nonsense.


u/CeleryStickBeating Feb 07 '23

They should just send everyone back to station, save one with a scoop shovel.


u/BickNlinko Feb 07 '23

Leave one guy and a bunch of cones/tape in the drop zone so if he falls he doesn't kill anyone else. What a complete asshole.

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u/Keytone_ Feb 08 '23

I agree, complete overkill with all of them there. No purpose at all other than to stand and watch 🤷🏽‍♂️ or potentially they are there so they can fine him a hefty amount to deter others from doing it. Imagine the cost

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u/CrossP Feb 08 '23

The Phoenix FD captain has some choice quotes in the article about it. He was clearly super pissed.

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u/Aknelka Feb 08 '23

It's almost as if the "message" didn't matter. Honestly, pro-"life" building climber Spider Man just sounds like something a content farm algorithm would spit out in order to churn out the most click-baity title possible.

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u/Chris_O_Matic Feb 07 '23

Scaling a building isn’t a very pro-life thing to do.


u/Brotorious420 Feb 07 '23 Wholesome Seal of Approval

Pro-lifers don't believe in gravity.


u/DirtyPenPalDoug Feb 07 '23 Gold Narwhal Salute Starstruck Buff Doge Eureka!

That's OK, cause gravity believes in him.


u/Purpzzz710 Feb 07 '23

I'm pro gravity


u/Muhfuggajones Feb 07 '23

Who are we to say what the universe can or cannot do with its body?


u/KingGorilla Feb 07 '23

Mass can't help who is attracted to it


u/TheFunnyShah Feb 07 '23

"Having mass is the price you pay for being affected by gravity." -Ayn Rand /s


u/turalyawn Feb 07 '23

Light is massless and affected by gravity, which it never stops reminding us of, the smug bastard

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u/Mammoth_Musician_304 Feb 07 '23

Me too. Good to have around. Keeps me grounded.

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u/PorkyMcRib Feb 07 '23

It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.

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u/Girth_rulez Freaked Out Feb 07 '23

The gravity machine is always turned on. It's free. Pretty foolproof actually.

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u/Historical-Event-521 Feb 07 '23

Gravity can't get you if the earth is flat

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u/gronerglass Feb 07 '23

But do they believe in gravy?

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u/[deleted] Feb 07 '23

Gravity was trying to keep them down.


u/possiblynotanexpert Feb 08 '23

*pro birthers. Stop calling them something they’re not.

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u/oldinterwebs Feb 07 '23

“Pro-lifer risks own life, others’, to make his point across… somehow.”

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u/DabScience Feb 07 '23

That's because they're pro-birth. Once that baby is out, they could care less if you drop kick it into a river.


u/5am5ep1ol Feb 07 '23

Yeah, when he started talking about “helping her” and “raising money” I thought he was going to say he was going to help her with the actual problem she’s probably having, like the money, the care, any incidentals, etc. But nope. Raising money for those people standing on the street and for his organization so he climbs more buildings.

Fall already and save these poor women going through tough times the goddamn stress of having you bug the fuck out of them.


u/Candid-Independence9 Feb 08 '23

This isn’t about the women, it’s about the dude climbing, he wants to bully her into a choice and gaining his own press in the meantime.

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u/korben2600 Feb 07 '23 Gold


u/Whatthecluck83 Feb 07 '23

That would force them to admit their ideals are situational and don’t actually exist, which they aren’t self aware enough to do.

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u/TheFoxAndTheRaven Feb 07 '23

Pro-lifers don't actually care what happens after the person is born.

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u/englishpatrick2642 Feb 07 '23

The number one goal for a pro-lifer is to meet Jesus. This is a good way to do that quickly.

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u/IlikeAIDS420 Feb 07 '23

The whole pro life movement isn't pro life. They are just against abortions.

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u/BeeBench Feb 07 '23

I’m confused as to how this would convince anyone into not having an abortion? Doesn’t seem like the dude cares about his own life so.


u/oddmanout Feb 07 '23 Rocket Like

Do you not base your medical decisions on the opinions of guys who climb buildings? Who do you trust? Doctors? Pfft... I bet they can't even climb 2 stories, this guy is like 20 stories up.


u/fallinouttadabox Feb 08 '23 Silver

Psshhhh 20 stories? Stephen King has written over 60 stories, I trust him


u/PoorlyLitKiwi2 Feb 08 '23

Slight tangent, but my GF speaks English as a second language, and I told her the word to describe how tall buildings are is stories, and she was like "Man that's deep. Like every level has it's own story" and I hadn't even realized that the word "story" had two definitions until that moment because they were always separate in my head


u/zonazombie51 Feb 08 '23

While a beautiful idea that I love dearly, I hate to burst your bubble. Buildings have storeys, books have stories. Sound the same and yet different.


u/ThatDudeDeven1111 Feb 08 '23

Get the fuck out...this whole time I had thought it was spelled the same.


u/Ardashasaur Feb 08 '23

It's spelt Storey in English, and Story in American English.

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u/CyanideFlavorAid Feb 08 '23

I only base my medical decisions on guys who can lift a lot of weight. Like if the world's strongest man tells me I need a root canal you think I'm not going to do it just because some "dentist " says "It's not needed your tooth is fine" or "what are you stupid or something"? Pfft. The world's strongest man can lift like 500lbs. My dentist makes a grunt just lifting the water jug in his office. I know which one I'm trusting and I'll get a dremel and do it myself if I need to.


u/Im_ur_Uncle_ Feb 08 '23

I have severe athlete's foot.

My podiatrist says my foot is fine, and I'm a crazy person, but the guy that uses 3 fishing poles at once, down by the river, says I do... sooo...

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u/odd_audience12345 Feb 08 '23

"sorry, did you say you wanted an abortion? I can't hear you up here, you'll have to climb up a bit"

heh, works every time


u/Captain-i0 Feb 08 '23

The height of an argument is what matters most.

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u/4starters Feb 07 '23

If anything this would convince me to have one.


u/TwoSoonOrNah Feb 07 '23

You might like my new business then


High risk High adrenaline activities you can abort during.

20% off Scaled Building Experience with code PUSH


u/BraveProfile5602 Feb 07 '23

Go to Mr Pickles Happy Fun Abortion Clinic, they’ll show you a good time and bring out the kid in ya! 😄

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u/Buckus93 Feb 07 '23

If anything this would have no bearing on my decision whatsoever as this person is not part of my inner circle of friends and family at all.

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u/_ChipWhitley_ Feb 07 '23

I’m getting one tonight just to be sure.

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u/0b_101010 Feb 07 '23

I’m confused as to how this would convince anyone into not having an abortion?

Public pressure. He's trying to pressure her by pointing a spotlight at her. Fuck this douchebag.


u/aberrasian Feb 08 '23

That's not fair! He's also trying to raise money. That they'll... definitely not keep and give straight to her... and it will cover all her childcare costs... and, and that's all it takes to convince anyone to birth a disabled/dying baby, so there!

(I presume the baby is disabled/dying because elective abortions are not allowed at 22 weeks pregnant except in cases of serious life-altering congenital conditions.)


u/Genuinely_Crooked Feb 08 '23

From their website:

Let Them Live takes donation stewardship and integrity very seriously. Moms are never given direct cash support. All expenses are paid directly by Let Them Live. Additionally, each mom signs an agreement stating that she will not seek an abortion after accepting our assistance.

So the pregnant people don't even get to decide how to use the money, and it doesn't extend to after the pregnancy ends.

Also they only have a gold transparency rating. My non-profit is platinum and it's not that hard.


u/alarming_archipelago Feb 08 '23

Let's not forget that non-profit doesn't mean no one gets paid. Guarantee someone's nephew is getting paid stupid money to review and pay claims for medical costs.


u/Anima715 Feb 08 '23

doesn't extend to after the pregnancy ends.

Yep, ending support right after birth is 1000% on brand for these chucklefucks.


u/ludicrous_socks Feb 08 '23

if you're pre born you're fine. If you're preschool, you're fucked.

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u/Amelaclya1 Feb 08 '23

That sounds a lot like crisis pregnancy centers which have a tendency to promise women financial support to convince them not to get an abortion. And then give them like, a single pack of diapers and ghost them after the baby is born.

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u/AsianVixen4U Feb 08 '23

I wonder how he even knew this woman was having an abortion. Like don't people get abortions all over every single day? How did he get her specific information about her name and age and info about her disability? Was there a HIPAA breach at the abortion clinic or something?

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u/David-S-Pumpkins Feb 08 '23

Please do not fuck this guy. He'll probably mess with your BC pills or condoms and then harass you publicly if you try to abort the resulting pregnancy. Stay as far away from his pork and beans and baby gravy as possible.

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u/wearyomask Feb 07 '23

I kind of thought he was going to threaten to jump if she went through with it.


u/josh8far Feb 07 '23

2for1 deal act fast

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u/aknomnoms Feb 07 '23

That'd make me do it faster.

At first though I thought this guy was like the father and trying to pressure her to not do it. But no, just some jerk.

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u/DeatHTaXx Feb 07 '23

Tbh I will take this over pro-life people screaming at women entering abortion clinics, any fucking day of the week.


u/noobvin Feb 07 '23

I think those screaming people should try free climbing as soon as possible.


u/ul2006kevinb Feb 07 '23

If i was her i would offer to keep the pregnancy if he got another hundred pro-lifers to climb it with him


u/etheunreal Feb 08 '23

And then change her mind, since it's her decision

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u/spartagnann Feb 07 '23

Well, people who stand outside Planned Parenthood don't actually care if they "convince" some poor woman to change her mind. Their goal isn't to WIN anyone over to their way of thinking. Their goals, and what they want and do, is berate, torment, and harass someone making an incredibly difficult decision to the point where that person doesn't want go through that added trauma and gives up. They want to scare and intimidate women away from getting the care they need or want.


u/anthrolooker Feb 07 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

What always has me confused by those people standing outside a pro-parenthood is that it’s a clinic for all sorts of medical care. It’s not just abortion. That makes up a small percentage of what they provide. So they out there berating women for getting medical care?

It really is just a venue to them to yell at women. Creating a hostile environment for women going in simply for a pregnancy test or a hormone checkup is no way to convince a women this world is safe for them, babies or children.


u/WarWinx Feb 07 '23

Congratulations for putting 10,000% more critical thought into what they are doing than they ever have.


u/uninsuredpidgeon Feb 07 '23

To be fair, you only need to put in, like, 7% critical thought and its still 10,000% more then they ever have.

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u/WeepingSomnabulist Feb 07 '23

and oddly enough, a number of those protestors or their daughters end up in those very same clinics that they will resume protesting once the patient has recovered.


u/ChefKraken Feb 07 '23

It's like that classic story of a woman telling the staff currently assisting with her abortion in progress that they're going to hell for what they do


u/itwasquiteawhileago Feb 08 '23

"Cool, save me a seat!"

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u/DuckDemure Feb 07 '23

I walked with a friend into her appointment at Planned Parenthood because she was scared to go by herself. She wasn't even there for an abortion. The protesters surrounded us and yelled at us and it was intimidating. I know now they actually have volunteer clinic escorts to help patients get in and out safely. Or at least they did. Abortions are effectively banned in my state now and that particular Planned Parenthood closed last year. There are two more in the state. I don't even know how to help anymore, other than to put it out there that I will drive for free anyone to and from bordering states where abortion is legal if they need help.


u/spartagnann Feb 08 '23

She wasn't even there for an abortion.

Yeah a lot of woman aren't and that's the thing. PP offers holistic reproductive health services, from fucking education (to you know prevent unwanted pregnancies or STDs) to checkups, to exams, etc.

Which to me is the biggest tell of them all: Instead of supporting somebody getting advice or information about their body (or even recognizing PP does those things), so that maybe they would think of keeping a pregnancy or prevent an unwanted one, they lump EVERY WOMAN who goes in as a murderer and judge/treat them accordingly.


u/[deleted] Feb 08 '23

I get a kick out of this. There are several planned parenthoods in my area. Only one of them actually performs surgical abortions yet they ALL have the protesters outside screaming. Now granted they all prescribe abortive drugs but they are generally taken at home anyway so there are ZERO people inside getting an abortion.

My partner used to use them for her routine health screenings and always joked that she was going to buy one of those inflatable travel pillows and put it under her dress when she sent in and then deflate it when she came out to piss them off. You don't want to mess with the crazies though.


u/SapientLasagna Feb 08 '23

Might be funnier to do it the other way. Come out "pregnant".

Actually that's probably not safe either.

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u/seemslikesalvation Feb 07 '23

If he draws enough attention to her, she will get scared of people finding out who she is and threatening her with violence.

Think of the 10-year-old child-abuse victim who crossed state lines for an abortion; the story "inspired" several United States Congresspeople to publicly speculate about criminal investigations and potential charges for her, but especially her doctor and anyone else involved.

It's stochastic terrorism.


u/dirtybiznitch Feb 07 '23

I didn’t even think about that. Yikes.

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u/EternalSophism Feb 07 '23

It is meant to give him attention. That's it.


u/anthrolooker Feb 07 '23

That’s what’s so gross and disturbing about it. He is using a stranger and her own personal medical decisions purely as a platform for his own ego. I’d bet good money his parents weren’t able to give him the attention he needed as a child.

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u/Here_is_to_beer Feb 07 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Oh, your disabled? Let me show you what my fully able ass can do to inspire you!


u/SerenityViolet Feb 07 '23

Yeah, he completely misses the irony here doesn't he.


u/spartagnann Feb 07 '23

He probably doesn't give a shit. To him, his beliefs and imposing those beliefs on others are all that matters since those beliefs are telling him he's "saving lives."


u/Toqom Feb 07 '23

Blind faith, always from idiots

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u/paperwasp3 Feb 07 '23

It's been a long day. Is it ok if I kind of hate him?


u/CreampuffOfLove Feb 07 '23

I'm over here cheering on gravity, so pull up a seat! We have popcorn and wine!

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u/lordsmooth Feb 07 '23

He’ll likely miss the inflatable mat too

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u/CatsAteMyReport Feb 07 '23 Take My Energy

As a disabled woman who if I tried to carry a baby it would paralyze me from the waist down, I kinda was rooting for this dude to fall.


u/rdear Feb 07 '23

Maybe he’ll fall, get paralyzed and see the error of his ways when someone forces a difficult situation onto his already complicated life.


u/nukeemrico2001 Feb 08 '23

I don't think he's getting paralyzed if he falls


u/runujhkj Feb 08 '23

He’s not gonna fall you guys he’s Spider-Man it’s in the title didn’t you read it

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u/MrDurden32 Feb 08 '23

Maybe he'll fall and land on a dick, get paralyzed and pregnant. That might give him some perspective.

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u/MrsJimmyJohn Feb 07 '23

Thank you disabled woman.


u/Yortisme Feb 08 '23


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u/Susan-stoHelit Feb 07 '23

As a healthy woman who has two kids, I was very much rooting for gravity. He’s using her medical procedure to fill his ego, and creating trauma for someone who has more than enough in their life to deal with. He can go fork off.

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u/awuweiday Feb 07 '23

"I was going to get an abortion because the timing wasn't right/I couldn't afford it/it wasn't a healthy pregnancy... But then I saw a guy climb pretty high on a building and... Well that changed everything. I'm ready for this 18 year commitment now."



u/Manatee_Shark Feb 07 '23

God bless you, Spider-Man! Bless you!


u/muppethero80 Feb 07 '23

Everyone gets one


u/SidewaysFancyPrance Feb 07 '23

So if she needs help with the kid later, Spider-Man will be nowhere to be found. He did his job!

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u/notthebestintheworld Feb 07 '23

Lol. You’re lucky if it’s only 18 years. I have a 37 year old family member living with his 60+ year old parents.


u/Polar-Bear_Soup Feb 07 '23

Tough market 🤷


u/CanidConqueror Feb 07 '23

I'm a 31 year old family member living with his 70+ year old mom.

To be fair, I am taking care of her because she can't. But hey. Living with my mom at 30+. LMAO

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u/PyotrIvanov Feb 07 '23

What would he call himself if he slipped?


u/FantasticAnalysis163 Feb 07 '23

Sidewalk art


u/korben2600 Feb 07 '23


u/Pridgey Feb 08 '23

I wonder if this gif has ever been more relevant than right now.

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u/Kind_Nebula6900 Feb 07 '23



u/Nerdlinger-Thrillho Feb 07 '23

30th trimester abortion.


u/eyes_without_lids Feb 07 '23

Splatter man splatter man he can coats the street just like a spray paint can he climbs a building then falls off it'll take a few hours to wash the blood off

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u/Ladyxarah Feb 07 '23

Hopefully they bill him for the emergency response.


u/yankuniz Feb 07 '23

Or he could fall and get billed for the medical expenses


u/Bigchapjay Feb 07 '23

I think his family will get the bill not him


u/GrowDaddy Feb 07 '23 Giggle

Services rendered:

Mopping: 1 hour


u/hvanderw Feb 07 '23

Rain will eventually take care of it.


u/Professional-Permit5 Feb 07 '23

May not rain Phoenix for months. Messy til then.

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u/PatMenotaur Feb 07 '23 Silver

Well, then he should go ahead and adopt the baby. Problem solved.


u/ElTurbo Feb 07 '23

Homeboy is about to abort himself!

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u/Beefman06 Feb 07 '23

Even then, the poor woman would still have to go through pregnancy. I don’t know what it’s like, but I do know Id much rather never find out. The gall of people that want to control others never ceases to surprise me.


u/thestonewoman Feb 07 '23

Went through three, happily. That last one nearly killed me, though. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that growing people is fucking dangerous, even in countries with great health care (and that does not include the US).


u/WeepingSomnabulist Feb 07 '23

It's kind of funny but I think at least some people picked up on the dangers of childbirth from House of the Dragon. Sure it's a fantasy show but even the queen can miscarry, or die in childbirth.

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u/JunketGuy Feb 07 '23

"Nooo why should he have to take care of the child?? Did he want the child?? Why should a child be forced on him that he doesn't want?"

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u/Fy_Faen Feb 07 '23

He should try carrying a bowling ball in his abdomen for 3 months, then squeeze it out his ass before he starts telling someone to do the same.

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u/florettesmayor Feb 07 '23

That's ignoring the fact that the disabled woman does not want to grow a literal human in her body for 9 months and then go through the trauma of birthing it


u/mazing_azn Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 09 '23

Pregnancy has a maternal mortality rate 14 times higher than an abortion done by medical professionals. A women's body gets fucked up and stressed to the limits. Even my partner that had a healthy normal pregnancy was put thru the wringer physically. It's never "just" have the baby.

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u/Westly-Pipes Feb 07 '23

Two things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Why/how does he think doing this stunt is going to change her mind, exactly?


u/En_Sabah_Nur Feb 07 '23

You don't know shit

I am currently eating 50 hardboiled eggs in support of people with eating disorders



u/skilemaster683 Feb 08 '23

In this economy??


u/UncannyTarotSpread Feb 08 '23

That makes it a REAL sacrifice

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u/That1_Asianguy Feb 08 '23

How many homeless people in Phoenix could eat with the money earned involving yourself in other people's medical lives and spreading their information for clout?

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u/wowwee99 Feb 07 '23

Why is her medical condition his issue? Man needs to look inwards and stop climbing building.


u/oddmanout Feb 07 '23

Why is her medical condition his issue?

He's upset she's basing her medical decisions off of information from doctors instead of whatever his flavor of Christianity is.


u/BlasterBilly Feb 08 '23

They all taste like shit to me.

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u/Kastro2323 Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 08 '23

It’s not his issue but like republicans he is trying to get famous/clicks exploiting someone else’s business and difficult times. They are all selfish and the worst!

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u/CumBobDirtyPants Feb 07 '23


u/MrPirateFish Feb 07 '23

The officers response is spot on


u/janbradybutacat Feb 08 '23

“This is very, very dumb”

This asshole did the same thing at the Salesforce Tower in SF, and the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. The OKC one… like, why? OK had then and still has now a governor that promised to sign “any and all” anti-abortion bills that came across his desk. This guy just finds his fame and then an extremist fan base to support him. An easily angered, rabid fanbase.


u/TautMalleableAnus Feb 08 '23

The people he associates with are the least pro-life people.


u/janbradybutacat Feb 08 '23

Abso-fucking-lutely. As the cop says in that article about this incident- this climber (just saying, climbing buildings isn’t as hard as actual routes on unpredictable terrain) is putting many, many first responders and pedestrians in danger. He puts clicks above human life, every time.

Plus, “raising money” to convince a woman with disabilities to force birth? That’s fucking disgusting. She has a choice, and also medical needs. Whose life is more important? Hers or her possible baby who might not then have a mother?


u/noUsernameIsUnique Feb 08 '23

It’s very manipulative and selfish of him to try coercing her autonomous decision making by endangering his own life, as if his well-being would be her responsibility.

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u/DaniCapsFan Feb 07 '23

If this woman is 22 weeks pregnant, I suspect the abortion is because 1) she was abused and recently learned she's pregnant or 2) the pregnancy threatens her life or or health. Either way, if she is disabled, the best way to "support Hope" is to leave her the fuck alone while she ends her pregnancy.


u/MarzipanMarzipan Feb 08 '23

Yes. Seriously, they don't hand out 22-week abortions like candy. Something is majorly wrong with one or more of the parties involved. I feel so badly for that young woman.


u/squidgybaby Feb 08 '23

Seriously, they don't hand out 22-week abortions like candy.

Thank you!! Right-wing propaganda makes it sound like hundreds of people are just waltzing into PP clinics daily for walk-in abortion services at 9 months pregnant

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u/Running1982 Feb 07 '23

Pro-forced birthers willing to do anything but adopt a kid.

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u/Mouthy_B1tch Feb 07 '23

Pro life? So they support universal healthcare and other robust social safety nets, right? RIGHT?!


u/liberate_your_mind Feb 07 '23

Looks like he could use a safety net right about now


u/CumBobDirtyPants Feb 07 '23

that's socialism


u/A_Copyrighted_Name Feb 07 '23

No one going to mention anything about your name 💀

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u/DingosAteYourMorals Feb 07 '23

What dumb thing to do. Just let people live their own lives.

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u/scrapper_142 Feb 07 '23

Do a flip.


u/djeezuskryste Feb 07 '23

(Your comment reminded me of Bender)

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u/ColorlessTune Feb 08 '23

How is her abortion anybody’s business but her own? And how is the donation going to change her mind? Is it like a bribe?

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u/bugjjd Feb 07 '23

Pro choice Batman hopes he falls.


u/Pornalt190425 Feb 07 '23

Performs a 150th trimester autoabortion

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u/Bobs-and_VAGENE Feb 07 '23

How self-centered can these people be? Did they ever stop and think maybe she doesn’t want to get an abortion but her disability might be forcing her to? And then for those fucks to condescendingly say “choose life” LIKE SHE HAS A CHOICE?!?!


u/xijenna Feb 07 '23

You believe that this guy thinks?

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u/Anxious-Complaint-35 Feb 07 '23

Look at me! Look at me!


u/unsaltedbutter Feb 07 '23

How can I make this about me?

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u/Capkirk0923 Feb 07 '23

I think this guy should be more concerned with his psychiatric condition than her medical condition.

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u/Affectionate-Tax-856 Feb 07 '23

That's not a public freak out. It's a public imbecile


u/shockerdyermom Feb 07 '23

He'd rather do this than adopt.

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u/tcsac Feb 08 '23

I wonder who will take care of all the children he adopted if he falls. What’s that? He’s never fostered or adopted a child and only cares about dictating what women do with their own body?

Well that’s surprising!


u/ACanadianGuy1967 Feb 07 '23

This is emotional blackmail. No different than someone saying, “Don’t leave me or I might hurt myself!”


u/Charokol Feb 08 '23

It’s worse than that. This woman used to be a relatively anonymous person, but now has thousands of anti-choice bastards following her situation. There’s no way she’s not going to be pressured and intimidated into not getting an abortion by who knows how many disgusting strangers who have nothing better to do than harass an innocent woman

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u/Mirror-Wonderful Feb 07 '23

That pregnancy can kill her.let her make her own decision


u/CatsAteMyReport Feb 07 '23

It is even worse actually being a disabled young woman who knows you cannot safely carry a kid. The hate I get from people about not wanting kids (cause that's easier than explaining why I cannot actually even have them.) And there is a lot of hate around my existence. Republicans are the peeps trying to ensure I have to survive on less than 50% of after tax minimum wage, it is like they're trying to get me to kill myself by starving me.

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u/OneMoreDeviant Feb 07 '23

He could always adopt her kid if he’s so concerned.

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u/fijidlidi Feb 07 '23

What a fucking moron


u/Apprehensive-Soil-47 Feb 07 '23

A man who calls himself "Pro-life Spider-man" is currently climbing a tower in Phoenix, trying to "convince" a young disabled woman to not go through with a scheduled abortion.

Had to re-read that sentence several times. Holy fucking hell... This is hands down one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

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