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Ask Vancouver Do you guys do "the wave" when driving? The wave is when you put your hand up to apologize or say thank you to another driver.


Heard during a podcast that it's an "east coast" thing. So now I'm curious.

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Ask Vancouver Anti-abortion protest outside of BC Women’s Hospital


I feel badly for any woman who needs to receive care at BCWH who has to witness this.

There is a moderately sized group outside of the Archdiocese of Vancouver facing Willow st. This road is the direct entrance to BC Women’s hospital. Protesters have large “pray to end abortion” banners and smaller signage with a photo of a fetus that says “choose life”.

Further, they have encroached onto the public sidewalk, making it even more unavoidable for foot traffic.

Is there a city Bylaw against using public space (I.e. sidewalks) for protest demonstrations?

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Ask Vancouver Spotted on Broadway- is it legal to sell these drugs in a storefront now?

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Ask Vancouver What is one food dish you wish you could have but can’t find in any restaurant in Vancouver?


This city has a very diverse food scene. What is one dish you feel is missing here?

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Ask Vancouver What is a small issue you face in Vancouver frequently that you would like to be fixed?


Just curious to hear your thoughts! little things don't bother me a lot so i'm curious what bothers you and what we can do to fix them :)

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Ask Vancouver New driver confused about speed limits?


I drove to Squamish this past weekend. I was driving 10km over limit and I was the slowest person on the road.

Even in the city I feel like I'm annoying people by driving 55.

What's the actual driving speed I should be driving at??

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Ask Vancouver Breka Fever


Hi, all!

New to town and was wondering if someone can explain to me Breka, which--from the hustle and bustle at the one near me--seems like a minor phenomenon? The prices seem great, the people working there seemed friendly, and I had a lovely coffee, which I guess is enough reason to explain their success. But is there one treat in particular that causes there to be lineups to the door almost constantly?

Because if there is: I would like to try it.

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Ask Vancouver cheapest way to eat full


I'm trying to look for a place to eat with friends.that is ridiculously cheap, and able to make myself full. These days, fast food is getting unironically expensive, so I'm looking for alternatives.

I just want to clarify, QUALITY IS NOT AN ISSUE, only price. In fact, I would say that I'm looking for nuclear waste.

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Ask Vancouver Why is it so hard to make friends in Vancouver?


I have been here for three years now. People say that this is a thing in Vancouver. Why? (I had loads of good friends back home)

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Ask Vancouver Vancouver, what’s keeping you from cooking at home more?


Cooking at home can be hard, and it takes time, energy, and planning. What are the biggest barriers for you?

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Ask Vancouver What is the story behind the underwater spiral in False Creek below the Cambie Street bridge?

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Ask Vancouver Nosy neighbour


Are you required by law to do something about your yard if a neighbour complains that the decorations in it are ugly and that you have too many potted plants? That it’s bringing down the “quality of the neighborhood”.

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Ask Vancouver what is the name of this building with the golden tops? it’s near grandview highway’s walmart if that helps.

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r/vancouver Feb 22 '23 Gold Platinum Cake

Ask Vancouver It’s my 40th birthday and I’m having a rough time with that. Make my day better and tell me you favourite thing about Vancouver.

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Ask Vancouver If Vancouver is not doing a livable wage anymore, should we start with a paycut to the Mayor's $185k salary?


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Ask Vancouver Where’s the best place to buy an engagement ring in the Lower Mainland?


Hello! I’m doing some research to find out where the best place to buy an engagement ring would be. From what I’ve been told, not all jewellers are equal, and I’m looking for a balance of a well-built ring that will last without an absolutely insane price. I’ve found a lot online but don’t necessarily trust it, and I was advised against People’s if I wanted it to last.

Specifically, I’m looking for a lab-created emerald ring (not cut, the actual gem) that also features some diamonds around it.

Would love any advice or tips!

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! I didn’t expect to get so many comments and support. The lab Emerald is a request from my girlfriend (the emerald side is sentimental value whereas the lab side is more her choice), but I’ll definitely do some research into other green gem options as well. I’m going to go through all the comments when I can but just wanted to send a blanket thank you as well!

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Ask Vancouver Finding dead crows every few days. Who do I contact, so that they can be tested for H5N1?


I walk my dog in a wide area in New West, and I come across dead crows every 3 to 4 days. What agency do I contact, so they can send someone out to test it? I know that they could have eaten random things, but with H5N1 spreading I want to make sure.

For example, there is one under a tree by the BCL on the corner of Royal and Columbia.

Edit: I called and reported it. Leaving this post up so others can take notice. Thanks to Angie for the info

The provincial government has a Wild Bird Mortality Investigation Program hotline: 866-431-2473

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Ask Vancouver What's insanely good value in Vancouver right now?


With inflation making things more and more expensive, what can you still get a bang for your buck on

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Ask Vancouver What are your favorite classes that you've signed up to?


Hi Vancouver, Looking to try all kinds of new stuff, I am mostly into sports/music/language learning but open to try other stuff too. I've looked at the nearest community centers I have (DT) but I'm curious if there's other places out there.

Thank you for reading me!

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Ask Vancouver Can someone explain this? $18.30 in the Chilliwack superstore, but only $4.84 in the Surrey Superstore (confirmed by mom who bought some there, same exact weight and brand).

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Ask Vancouver 7pm Tonight: Black van Plowed into 2 geese at Jervis & Beach


Did anyone see this happen? I was hoping someone got the plate or a video to report...I know it's a long shot.

Every other car was waiting for them to move (and they were). A woman even got out of her car to help speed things up. It was a nice and pleasant moment until that black van sped through the intersection.

I know we all hate these crazy geese, but seeing them tumble and turn under a speeding 4 wheel monster was a horrible sight to see.

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Ask Vancouver What’s your go to spot in the city if you’re feeling hopeless and need a little peace and sense of well-being?


Have been feeling a little down and out and need a little pick-me-up. Is there some place that lightens up your mood in the city.

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Ask Vancouver Noticed this on my commute this morning. Who put this here?

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Ask Vancouver Why’s the logic behind this sign placement?

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Ask Vancouver Shrinkflation Tracker


Question: What groceries have you noticed are smaller portions?

Note the old and new size and typical prices if you know it!